A Thelemite’s perspective, 3 years — and counting — later.

Marco Visconti
3 min readSep 8, 2023

I originally wrote this piece on the Hellier subreddit right after binging both seasons in the early months of 2020. Remember those Before Times? It seems centuries ago, not a mere 3 years.

The Hellier Goblin

With the release of The Unbinding, Greg and Dana Newkirk’s first full-length documentary, hitting the streaming services today, I thought it was time to give this piece a little update and move it here on Medium.

And don’t worry, a full review of this new documentary is coming up next… spoiler alert: it’s REALLY good.


As many who follow me on social media have surely noticed, Hellier has left a mark on me.

Between its wild synchronicities and touching subjects that have accompanied me throughout my life, both mundane and magical, I can’t seem to stop looking into it, to the point that I even attempted a practical magical operation based on trying to contact the Ultraterrestrials linked to this specific transmission.

Let’s try and expand on why what might seem like an “innocuous” ghost-hunting show is, in fact, something entirely different.

This is what we can understand by looking at the show from the perspective of Thelema:

  • The real nature of magick is to manifest evolution, alchemically transmuting lead (the human condition) into gold (the God condition).
  • Across the history of magick, Adepts received communications from the Beyond in order to enact that evolution, both on a personal and global level.
  • It has been postulated more than once that we are living in accelerating times; that is, the speed of these communications and the effectiveness of the methods are increasing. This might be the reason for the UFO contacts since the 1950s, and the fact we are currently living through a Disclosure craze might be another example unless all of that is a psyop, of course.
  • Hellier might well be one of the specific communications. As of the end of Season 2, it seems they have received a specific set of instructions in order to render the communication even clearer by using the sex-magical formulae of the Star Sapphire — which will require them all to get way better at magick than they had at the time of recording.
  • This is where the hypersigil clicks in: i.e. it’s not only Greg and his team that must enact that ritual, but people who are watching the show and are at that level of expertise. I do hope they will try their own version in Season 3, nonetheless.
  • Who is sending the message? To use a Western Esoteric Tradition term, the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order. You can also call them aliens, faeries, gods, etc.; it doesn’t matter: all these terms are linguistic interpolations of concepts far beyond the limits of language itself.
  • Are they good or evil? It is implied that there might be “evil” Ultraterrestrials. To me, this is simply a cultural lens borne of the Cold War. Likewise, a strong Christian mindset painted faeries as “good” or “evil”. These are concepts that simply do not exist at the level of the ultraterrestrials/secret chiefs, as these beings exist beyond duality. It is up to us to be able to fine-tune our engines of communication in order to get “good” messages.
  • Where is it heading? Thelema is the best set of “radio signals” we can employ right now due to the concept of the Succession of the Aeons so fundamental to that particular current, and so the group is experiencing their own initiation into Thelema. Moreover, this communication could also be a way for the Current to re-assert itself after the failures of the modern-day incarnations of O.T.O. and A∴A∴


These were my ideas at the time, fresh after watching the show. In the intervening years, so many things happened both to me personally and to everyone else involved in the Hellier Experience (as I came to call it) that convinced me I wasn’t too much off the mark.

The much-awaited third season hasn’t materialised yet. But the Newkirks have recently gone on record saying they’ve been recording material for it.

These things need time, and surely, they don’t follow the whims of attention-starved internet audiences.

I am certainly looking forward to see where this incredible adventure is going to take us all next.



Marco Visconti

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