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Marco Visconti
4 min readAug 23


UPDATE: as of October 2023, the author of the statement I reply to has decided to delete it from her website.

Now that everyone has said their piece, including deranged nonsense from the very same guy who has been pushing conspiracy theories and dangerous anti-scientific ideas for the past few years, I am going to wrap this up for good in a concise way.

  1. I genuinely trusted what she told me. As it became public now, we were in a relationship at the time. If your partner comes to tell you a story of sexual abuse, visibly shaken, you believe them.
  2. I didn’t force any narrative on her. It didn’t coerce, browbeat, or impose my will on her. I offered support, and at first, I also genuinely thought that addressing the issue via the internal “O.T.O. Police”, the Grand Tribunal, was the right thing to do. I was obviously dead wrong about it.
  3. I tried to convince her of the need to go with the real-world authorities, too. I was told that it’s pointless because women who do so are re-traumatised, never believed, and she didn’t need any of that. In retrospect, while this is sadly true, I was wrong in thinking a different approach could still work in getting justice. But given how now I know she lied about it all, maybe the silver lining is that we didn’t bring even more grievances to the alleged abuser.
  4. I didn’t gain ANYTHING from any of this. As I said in my previous statement, ever since I tried to put the spotlight on the abuses perpetrated (still to this day) by O.T.O. I have been ostracised, harassed, stalked, and abused, and I even received death threats—the latest, just a few hours ago. My rise to prominence (where?!) didn’t begin because of my coming to support my then-partner. There is NO rise to any sort of prominence here, only infamy. To be perfectly clear here, I lost dozens of business and personal opportunities over the past few years for even having my name linked with this story. People do not want to be associated with drama, and I can’t fault them for it.
  5. I never had any sort of envy for the person who turned out to be the victim of false accusations. To even suggest it is ridiculous to anyone who actually knows us both. I didn’t want to destroy him or what he built. I had been a supporter of his Occult Conference for years and was a regular attendee.
  6. I did have only contempt for him and his antics, especially towards women. And I wasn’t the only one, either. No matter what people will want you to believe now in the kangaroo courts of the internet, he was not the beloved and respected figure his current supporters paint him to be.
  7. Still, I fully recognise that it was wrong for him to be slandered and libelled as a rapist. As I said in my statement, I really do hope she won’t change her tune again in time. For what it’s worth now, I am sorry for the part I played in this tragedy.
  8. I have no idea why her story has changed now. I have not been in touch with her for years, and our relationship ended very shortly after the story originally unfolded. She was looking for a father for her child, and that person wasn’t me. For my part, I didn’t like the way she started to use her supposed Babalon enlightenment to spread misandrist ideas. As with most other folks now, I am completely appalled at her current attempt at shifting blame. She is the only one responsible for writing her screeds, even long after we broke up.
  9. There have been calls to return all of this matter to the private sphere, in the very same breath as repeating the lie I coerced her to do what she did. This obviously cannot stand. And if this lie continues, then legal action will be taken. After all, this time, it’s all very well documented, as opposed to presenting opinions as facts.
  10. Finally — thank you to all of those who reached out with supportive messages. I am not the victim here; far from me to suggest so. But to realise there are still people who won’t crucify you because an occult influencer tells his audience to do so it’s refreshing.

Many also exhorted me not to give up the fight, and to keep speaking out against the systemic abuse of hierarchical occult orders.

I think my fighting days are over. To realise I had made such a huge mistake in this instance was my call to move on. And frankly, nothing of what I did made any difference. As soon as the lockdown years ended, people went back to looking to join O.T.O. or similar organisations because they craved community over anything else.

Lambs to the slaughter, but it’s not my problem anymore.



Marco Visconti

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